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Photography is my outlet. It allows me to pour my inner thoughts, views, frustrations and failures out on paper. My work is an in-your-face poke that forces my viewers to wake up and pay attention - to challenge the status quo.

I capture my images digitally and when required use my ever evolving photo manipulation skills to create thought provoking images that push the boundaries of what society considers to be acceptable topics of discussion. While I do create single images, most often my finished photographs are a part of a much larger collection and revolve around a singular theme.



“I don't deliberately look for something dark or bleak or disconnected, in fact that's not something I'm even conscious of in the work as I'm making it. I'm always trying to create beauty, reveal hope, show the sense of longing that exists in isolation and loneliness, and capture the search for something greater inside all of my subjects.” - Gregory Crewdson

Photo credit - Orlando Osorio

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